When I was eight years old my family surprised me with a "Tote-Goat", I had a super Cool Disco Ball Blue Helmet (USED), and there was ZERO suspension. That thing taught me how to roll around, I eventually progressed onto Dirt, Rode Import Street Bikes and eventually my first HOG. I rode a 2002 FX Springer that I lowered front and back, ran a Butt Crack Solo seat, and drag bars, it rode like the "Tote-Goat" (but it looked cool).

At the beginning of my career suspension was for comfort & looks, it was common for us to increase oil viscosity to reduce dive in corners and compensate for our rider Motto "Live to Ride, Ride to Eat". Over the years we've seen a significant change in suspension, the generation that grew up around Motocross or Track Riding understands the benefits of a proper operating suspension. Manufacturers (OEM & After-Market) have drastically improved the quality of components available for most models, there is a large contingency of riders racing their HD's in Flat-Track, Road Racing, and at the Drag Strip. IMO, there is nothing like riding a High-Performance Harley that handles well, the look on the face of the Sport Bike Riders is classic, these are old man bikes, right?

Suspension falls into two categories for me, "Performance" & "Touring". There's a lot of cross-over but ultimately we want to find the right fit for your style of riding, are you a tinkerer that is always messing with your settings or do you prefer to set it and forget it? With relatively basic adjustments we can control compression/rebound and give you a solid handling machine, this improves confidence and allows you to improve your riding skills if that's your goal. Upgrading your suspension will typically make a huge improvement for your passenger also, the more comfortable your passenger is, the less fatigue you will experience on those long days in the saddle.

Let us know how we can help, we're a group that rides, we understand what it feels like to hit a crack in the road at Sunset on a Lowered Springer when you swear you just got 2 inches shorter.... 

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