Now that you've spent your hard earned dollars on the motorcycle of your dreams, you want to make it your own, make it louder, make it FASTER.... BUT WAIT!!!! The dealer told you that anything After Market will stop the world from turning, we'll all fall off and that'll be the end of it! 

I spent Nine years as a Dealership Service Manager, I was the warranty administrator at our facility so I'm extremely well versed in Warranty Compliance. There are enforceable situations that "Can" Potentially affect your warranty, any type of Non-Emissions Compliance components or Non-Factory parts aren't covered. It's logical, HD can't be expected to be held accountable for parts they didn't engineer and test, nor services that fall outside of their procedures guidelines.

There are a lot of "Can-Do's"

  • Maintenance (Whether by us, another shop, or in your garage)
  • Most Accessories
  • Suspension

Hopefully you get the idea, most of the decisions are common sense, we make every attempt to discuss the pros/cons if you're currently covered under the OEM Factory Warranty. 

Extended & Forever are completely different, these are "Insurance Policies", depending on your plan and who it was issued from, coverage may vary. 

Let us know if you have questions, our counter staff are well educated, we'd be happy to advise and make recommendations to the best of our ability. 

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