Dead Center Cycles Batwing and Quarter Fairings and Saddlebags for Road King, Heritage Softail, Deluxe, Switchback, Freewheeler, Dyna, Street Bob, Super Glide, Sportster, Forty-Eight, Softail, Victory, Yamaha Roadstar

Dead Center Batwing Fairing Road King Bagger Front

Dead Center Batwing Fairing Deluxe Bagger
Dead Center Batwing Fairing Freewheeler Bagger
Dead Center Batwing Fairing Bagger

Dead Center Batwing Fairing Fatboy Bagger
Dead Center Batwing Fairing Victory Bagger
Dead Center Batwing Fairing Road Star Bagger

Dead Center Batwing Fairing Dyna Switchback Bagger
Dead Center Fairing Dyna Switchback Bagger
Dead Center Fairing Switchback Bagger

Dead Center Fairing

The Dead Center Fairing sets the standard when it comes to detachable batwing style fairings. It is truely quick detach, with no tools required, latches automatically when attached and can be locked to the motorcycle with the turn of a key (on most models). Construction is fiberglass, precisely manufactured using Resin Transfer Molding for consistent thickness and quality. All hardware is stainless steel, brackets are mirror polished, audio clear and crisp through marine-grade Polk Audio speakers. The Dead Center Fairing - premium components, quality construction, built to last.

Starting at $1275 - includes fairing, windshield, and all mounting hardware

Click on "Pricing - Build Your Custom Fairing" below to see the various options available and their pricing, and/or to place an order. Or click the tabs at the bottom to learn more about the construction and features of Dead Center Fairing.

Pricing - Build Your Custom Fairing

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The Dead Center Fairing does more than deliver classic batwing style to Road Kings and similar motorcycles. It does so with unequaled features, quality and style. The inner fairing includes an handsome stylized dash along with clear, crisp 6 1/2" marine grade Polk Audio speakers. And just like an OEM dash, you don't see windshield nuts and washers sticking through the inside of the fairing - thick stainless steel threaded inserts bonded inside the fairing take care of that while also simplifies disassembly for maintenance or upgrades. And unlike many fairings on the market which rely only on gravity and/or wind pressure to hold the fairing on the bike, the Dead Center Fairing includes a unique and secure quick detach system that automatically latches when installing the fairing, and it can be locked on most models. It securely bolts in place on a few others. All major components are manufactured by ourselves here in the USA or by nearby US vendors - in addition to helping the local economy this enables us to more easily ensure quality. Overall, the Dead Center Fairing was designed with the style, quality and features that your motorcycle deserves.


Superior fiberglass construction using RTM

We make both the inside and outer parts of the Dead Center Fairing using a composite manufacturing process known as Resin Transfer Molding or RTM. First we lay dry fiberglass between 2 molds, then we close them together sealing shut the mold cavity. Finally a machine injects resin between the two molds in order to wet-out the part and force out the air. Some of the advantages of this process include the following:

  • Smooth inside and outside part surface
  • Very consistent engineered part thickness - thick where we need it to be, thin where we don’t. Thickness is consistent from part to part, so each part conforms to the original design. This adds up to consistent mechanical properties as well as a tight fit between inner and outer fairing
  • Low opportunity for worker error - a machine does most of the work
  • Extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions - good for worker health and the environment. This allows workers to better focus on the manufacturing process, further enhancing part quality.

Most fiberglass parts are made using some form of open molding. With these processes, just one mold is used and a worker places the fiberglass and resin inside it, rolling out any excess resin and trapped air by hand. Some disadvantages of open molding are as follows:

  • Rough inside surface of part, showing pattern of fiberglass strands
  • Inconsistent part thickness throughout a given part - flat open areas tend to be thinner, sharp inside corners tend to be thicker. This is because material tends to build-up and spring-back in corners without an inside mold forcing it into it's proper place. Precise thickness in a given area is alsodifficult to maintain consistently from part to part. These issues can especially impact the quality of the fit between inner and outer fairing.
  • Reliance on worker skill level - the skill and training of the worker determines overall part thickness, variation in part thickness within a given part, amount of excess resin retained, amount of entrapped air bubbles if any, etc.
  • Significant VOC emissions - the entire open portion, or back side of the part, is exposed to the open air throughout manufacturing and post-curing. Workers must use respirators or similar (or risk negative health impacts) and wet layup work areas must be separate from other work areas and well ventilated. These VOC emissions, mostly styrenes, are not environmentally friendly.

Threaded metal inserts for ease of service - properly bonded for longevity

We wanted to make it easy to separate the inner and outer fairing halves for serviceability. We could have simply bolted them together with nuts showing on the inside, but with the Dead Center Fairing we wanted a premium appearance similar to a factory HD inner fairing which has hidden threaded inserts inside. To achieve this we bond 1/8" thick threaded stainless steel plates to the inside of the inner fairing using a high-strength adhesive specially formulated for bonding steel to fiberglass. Why is the adhesive choice important? Fiberglass and steel have different rates of thermal expansion, so you shouldn't just "glass in" the metal, so to speak, as some of our competitors do. Have you ever seen a fiberglass scoop on the metal hood of an old muscle car with cracks all along the base of the scoop? That's what happens after a few years of heat cycles. The proper adhesive is much more expensive, of course, but it's worth it if you want a part that lasts. We only attach metal to fiberglass the proper way - with adhesive specifically designed for the purpose.


Electrical wiring - quality connectors, professionally installed

Like everything else on the Dead Center Fairing, we designed the harness to last with high-quality connectors, professionally and neatly installed. Our wiring harnesses feature the following:

  • Deutsch DT series connectors - as used by HD. They are easy quick-disconnect, environmentally-sealed, latching connectors that are easily disassembled for service. We crimp the pins and sockets from 4 directions with a special tool ensuring a premium connection and longevity.
  • Service loops - we provide extra doubled-over loops of wire in our harnesses in places such as the speaker wire. If you ever need to replace a connector you have the extra length to do it easily.
  • Neat, rattle-free installation. We take care to properly route and securely zip-tie the wiring inside your Dead Center Fairing so that it won't rattle and/or wear.
  • We place an automotive-style blade fuse in-line with our positive cables close to the battery inside a water-resistant marine-style fuse holder.

Quality stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware

The fairing mounting brackets and latching mechanism on the Dead Center Fairing are made of thick stainless steel which has been mirror-polished. In fact all the mounting hardware throughout the fairing including the black ones are stainless steel. We also use stainless self-locking nylock nuts on the back sides of the screws for superior vibration resistance as well as anti-theft. You cannot just unscrew and remove the speakers or stereo from the front - you must take off the outer shell and put a wrench on the nylock nut inside in order to do so.

Full automotive style stereo option

A full stereo in the world of MP3 music? Yes, we still feel this is best. Adjusting the volume or changing tracks on an MP3 player while riding a motorcycle is possible, but not ideal. We have seen some other options come and go - amps with remote volume buttons, and similar. But then you're tied to a proprietary design that is not easily upgradable. We feel that the standard "single DIN" car-type stereo is still the best and most versatile way to go - easy to use volume and track control, and easily upgradeable as new designs come out in future years.

Easy installation

The Dead Center Fairing comes complete with wiring harness and detailed instructions to make installation a breeze.

Accessory compatibility

Because we use the same 3 hole windshield pattern as the 1996-2013 HD Electraglide, you can use any aftermarket or HD windshield with the same 3 hole pattern. Many of accessories, such as chrome trim, designed to fit that 3 hole pattern will fit as well. There is also ample dash area above stereo for mounting accessories such as gauges, surface mounted GPS or satellite receivers, pouches/bags, stickers or custom graphics.


Accessing the inside of the fairing is simple. The outer fairing shell can be easily taken off after removing the 3 windshield screws and 2 lower screws.


A 15 second demo of the Dead Center Fairing being removed and re-attached.

On compatible Harley models with quick-detach style windshields, the Dead Center Fairing offers quick-detach and locking features.

Note that this section does not apply to Yamaha Road Star or Victory models in which case the Dead Center Fairing is of the bolt-on, non-locking style.

Attaches/detaches in seconds (no tools required) utilizing stock windshield mounts.

Quick detach mounting brackets (patent pending) are stainless steel and mirror-polished.

Because the stock windshield mounts are utilized you can easily and quickly swap between your Dead Center Fairing and your windshield.

Latches onto the bike automatically when attached; latch is lockable with the turn of a key.

Fairing lock is inaccessible when the steering head is locked for an extra layer of security.

Detachable Harley Fairing Demonstration 1 Detachable Harley Fairing Demonstration 2 Detachable Harley Fairing Demonstration 3


Sony DSX-A400BT - Standard with full stereo fairing AM/FM receiver with one-touch Bluetooth® connectivity (does not play CD's)

  • Digital media receiver with AM/FM tuner (does not play CDs)
  • Built-in amplifier (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/55 peak x 4 channels)
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port accommodates Apple devices, select Android phones, and thumb drives
  • MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC compatible
  • Works with Pandora (iPhone and Android)
  • 5-band equalizer
  • Detachable face with single-line display
  • Remote control
  • Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
  • Inputs: front USB port, front auxiliary input
  • Outputs: 4-channel preamp outputs (2-volt rear and sub)


Sony MEX-N5100BT - $60 upgrade with full stereo fairing AM/FM CD reciever with one-touch Bluetooth® connectivity

In addition to the features of the DSX-A400BT listed above, the MEX-N5100BT adds the following:

  • Compatible with SiriusXM satellite radio tuner
  • Plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, including discs loaded with MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC and FLAC files
  • EQ10 10-band equalizer
  • Detachable face with dual-zone variable color illumination
  • Sound Synchronization displays color changes timed to your music
  • Siri Eyes Free with compatible iPhones
  • Stream and control with SongPal app for iPhone and Android
  • Outputs: 6-channel preamp outputs (2-volt front, rear, subwoofer)


Standard windshield - included with Dead Center Fairing

Standard 3-bolt (HD FLHT 1996-2013 style) windshield, available in the following sizes and tints. Size refers the the distance that the windshiled protrudes above the fairing (5" dark tint shown in photo on left):

  • 5" clear or dark tint
  • 7" clear, light tint, or dark tint
  • 9" clear or light tint


Klock Werks Flare Windshield - $130 upgrade with Dead Center Fairing

The patented FLARE™ Windshield was developed at Klock Werks out of a desire and need for greater stability in order to safely race at high speeds on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The FLARE™ is the ORIGINAL windshield of its kind, and has surprised riders everywhere with not only how great it looks, but also with how well it performs. In fact, its superior performance has made Klock Werks a leader in air-management. The innovative patented design features "hips" on the outer edges that re-route wind away from the rider while creating additional downforce on the front-end of the motorcycle. This results in a significant improvement in wind deflection and front-end stability at highway speeds over using a standard type windshield. The "flip" at the top of the FLARE™ is designed to reduce buffeting by kicking the wind up and allowing it to flow back as "clean", less turbulent air for the rider. Don't be fooled by imitations! The superior patented design and the highest quality materials are what make the Klock Werks FLARE™ Windshield an ORIGINAL.

Available in the following sizes and tints. (Size refers the the distance that the windshiled protrudes above the fairing):

  • 3.5" light tint, dark tint or black
  • 6.5" light tint, or dark tint
  • 8.5" light tint, dark tint or black
  • 11.5" clear or light tint


Polk Audio Marine Certified 6.5" db 652 Speakers - Standard with full stereo fairing

  • 3/4" Silk/polymer composite dome tweeter
  • Power Handling: 100 watts continuous, 300 watts peak.
  • Dynamic Balance® driver technology for pure, distortion free sound.
  • Polymer/mica composite cones are stiff yet lightweight for big sound and little distortion.
  • Klippel optimized components for consistent, distortion-free sound.
  • Marine Certified means the db652 is built tough to withstand the harshest environments.
  • 40Hz-22kHz frequency response.
  • All Polk products are made using the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. They pass the industry’s most exhaustive quality tests, including drop testing, extreme signal response and UV & salt exposure testing. Polk loudspeakers are built to perform for a lifetime.


Infinity Speakers - Alpine Amp Combo - $269 upgrade with full stereo fairing

A whopping 90 watts (RMS) per channel at a great price.
Both components carry a one year warranty.

Alpine KTP-445U amplifier

  • 90 Watts x 2 @ 4Ω Bridged
  • Best Signal-to-Noise Contender In Its Class: In order to ensure that Alpine sound quality is heard at your ears, they’ve created a platform that offers an unbelievably low noise floor, taking extra care to ensure a clean signal path, with no extraneous interference. The end result: The Power Pack boasts 1 Watt Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 82dB or better
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N) vs. Frequency: Uniquely, the Power Pack distortion actually decreases at higher frequencies, resulting in a clean and clear signal where your ear is most sensitive to distortion. - < 0.03% THD+N @ 1W, 1% THD+N @ rated power.

Infinity 622MB marine speakers

  • NEW - grey woofer cones
  • Smoked chrome grills (in photos they relect the background - they looked smoked, not brown)
  • Power Handling: 75 watts RMS, 225 watts peak
  • Sealed motors and sealed polypropylene cones for the ultimate in water resistance.
  • Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragms (CMMD™)


12v power socket - $50 upgrade with full stereo or stereo ready fairing

Plug in and charge your electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, laptops and tablets.

Choosing the right windshield for your Dead Center Fairing

Windshield height is a personal thing, some like to get as much protection as they possibly can, while others don’t mind a little wind in their face and prefer the style of a shorter shield. We figured a quick insight to each of our available shields will help you get what you are hoping for.

Standard Windshield Sizes

5 inch dark tint Windshield for Dead Center Batwing Fairing

5”: Available in Dark Tint or Clear

In Dark Tint, this shield will give you the low, cool look popularized by Harley’s Street Glide, while its clear version is a popular choice for shorter riders wanting to maximize road visibility.

  • Overall 16” inches above the headlight when coupled with the fairing
  • 4 inches shorter than a stock Road King windshield
  • 2 inches shorter than a stock Heritage windshield
7 inch dark tint Windshield for Dead Center Batwing Fairing

7": Available in Dark Tint, Light Tint or Clear

A perfect choice for those that already like the height of their FL Softail windshield and those that feel their Road King shield is just a tad too tall.

  • Overall 18” inches above the headlight when coupled with the fairing
  • 2 inches shorter than a stock Road King windshield
  • Close to equal compared to a stock Heritage windshield
9 inch light tint Windshield for Dead Center Batwing Fairing

9": Available in Light Tint or Clear

This will give most riders more than enough glass to keep comfortable on even the longest of rides. However if you are a Road King rider that wishes your windshield were taller, you may want to work with us on special ordering a taller shield.

  • Overall 20” inches above the headlight when coupled with the fairing
  • Close to equal compared to a stock Road King Windshield
  • 2” taller than a stock Heritage windshield

Klockwerks Flare upgrade ($130.00)

In an effort to combat lift at higher speeds associated with Harley’s faired touring bikes, Klockwerks designed the Flare windshield. Forming the top of the windshield with an inward and upward shape creates downward force on the front end, helping to keep the bike stable at higher speeds, and propels and smoothes oncoming air flow up and over the rider, giving you greater protection than a standard shield of the same height while lessening buffeting.

This means that you can shave off about 2.5” of visible windshield area, when compared to a standard “flat” shield, and still get the same amount of protection.

So, drawing on the information about our standard shields above, the equivalent protection comparisons would look like this:

3.5 inch dark tint Flare Windshield for Dead Center Batwing Fairing

3.5”: Available in Dark Tint or Black (completely opaque)

This is the shortest of the short! But it will give you protection equal to or greater than a 5” flat shield.

  • Offers protection equal to or slightly better than our 5” standard shield
  • Overall 14.5 inches above the headlight when coupled with the fairing
  • 3.5 inches shorter than a stock Heritage windshield
  • 5.5 inches shorter than a stock Road King windshield
6.5 inch dark tint Flare Windshield for Dead Center Batwing Fairing

6.5": Available in Light Tint, Dark Tint, or Black (completely opaque)

This is, by far, the most popular of the Flare’s sizes and will satisfy most riders. Incredibly, this will give you the same protection as a full sized, stock, Road King fairing.

  • Offers protection equal to our 9” standard windshield
  • Overall 17.5” above the headlight when coupled with the fairing
  • Half an inch shorter than a stock Heritage windshield
  • 2.5” shorter than a stock Road King windshield
8.5 inch dark tint Flare Windshield for Dead Center Batwing Fairing

8.5": Available in Light Tint, Dark Tint, or Black (completely opaque)

This will get you close to the same height as a Road King windshield and is a great choice for taller riders who just aren’t receiving the protection they are looking for with their stock shield.

  • Offers greater protection than that of our 9” standard windshield
  • Overall 19.5”above the headlight when coupled with the fairing
  • 1.5” taller than a stock Heritage windshield
  • Half an inch shorter than a stock Road King windshield
11.5 inch light tint Flare Windshield for Dead Center Batwing Fairing

11.5": Available in Light Tint and Dark Tint

Reserved for taller riders, this shield will satisfy those that simply need a taller shield to stay protected and those looking for the maximum amount of wind protection.

  • As much protection as most could ever need
  • Overall 22.5” above the headlight when coupled with the fairing
  • 4.5” taller than a stock Heritage windshield
  • 2.5” taller than a stock Road King windshield

Note: Some customers are bothered by the slight distortion associated with the curve at the top of the Klockwerks Flare. Because of this, it is our recommendation that you are sure you will be looking over the top of the windshield while riding.

Harley Davidson

FL Softail Years
Heritage Softail Classic 2000-Present
(see Note1, Note2)
Fatboy Lo
(see Note1, Note2, Note6)
(see Note1)
(see Note1, Note2, Note6)
Roadking Years
Roadking Standard
(see Note7)
Roadking Custom
(see Note1, Note3)
Roadking Classic 1994-2013
FL Dyna Years
(see Note4)
Trike Years
(see Note4, Note7)


(See Note4, Note5)

Kingpin 2004-2010
Vegas Years
Vegas 2005-2010
Vegas 8-ball 2005-2010
Vegas Jackpot 2006-2010
Hammer Years
Hammer 2005-2010
Hammer 8-ball 2010


(See Note4)

Roadstar Years
Roadstar Silverado 1999-Present

Fitment Notes

Note1: Requires Harley quick-detach windshield mounts (this model did not come with them from the factory, but are very often added later when customers install a windshield so most bikes do have them).

Note2: Fat Boy and Slim models without auxiliarly lighting kit require our Fat Boy Kit ($27.99) which includes studs, chrome spacers and chrome acorn nuts which move the windshield mounts out such that they are the same width as on a Heritage Softail (which comes with the auxiliarly lighting from the factory). Note that after installation of this kit that the stock Fat Boy or Slim windshield will no longer fit, although the Heritage Softail windshield will fit.

Note3: Road King Custom models require removal of factory chrome air deflector (can be converted to Road King Standard style handlebar clamp cover and chrome center nacelle strip) and relocation of the turn signals (with Street Glide style turn signals or similar)

Note4: Bolt-on style. No lock/latch mechanism.

Note5: Requires relocation of the spedometer to the fairing just above the stereo. Kit includes trim ring for spedometer that protrudes from fairing about 1/2".

Note6: When using stock handlebars, requires pull-back risers such as Harley's "Softail Slim Pullback Riser Kit P/N 55900023" for Softail Slim and others with 1" diameter handlebars or Harley's "Curved Pullback Riser P/N 56269-09" for Fatboy Lo and others with 1.25" diameter handlebars. Other handlebars such as most ape hangers, beach bars etc. with more rise and pullback than the factory handlebars will work without the need for new risers.

Note7: 2014 and later touring models (includes Road King and Freewheeler) require Touring Electrical Connection Update Kit 69200722 from Harley Davidson, which plugs into the accessory connector to provide 12 volt power leads.