Dead Center Cycles Batwing and Quarter Fairings and Saddlebags for Road King, Heritage Softail, Deluxe, Switchback, Dyna, Street Bob, Super Glide, Sportster, Forty-Eight, Softail, Victory, Yamaha Roadstar

Dead Center Cycles Photo Gallery

NEW Road Captain for Dynas and Sportsters!




Road King

Okay, so it's not a TRADITIONAL Road King. But it's a great example of what Ken's Custom Paint and Graphics can do in the Trike Conversion and Paint arenas. Not just an incredibly well versed paint shop, Ken's is also a full service garage and retailer.

Wow, a stunner from Joe @ Kewl Metal, sporting our Smoothies saddle bags along side Kewl Metals own, bolt on, 45 degree rake front end, and their Kamillion 26" front wheel. that's right 26! Watch out, when this Road King hits the road it leaves bystanders with sore necks.

Imagine my surprise, showing up at the Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show, when I laid my eyes on their 40th anniversary bike! Stunning! Thanks guys!

ALOHA! Hailing from Hawaii, Steve cruises the islands AND the mainland in style on his spotless Screamin Eagle Roadking. A great example of our paint-to-match capabilities. Thanks for the pics Steve!

Brad was the first to snatch up a set of Smoothies after seeing us in Reno. He opted for the Smoothies AND a Dead Center Fairing for his pristine Road King Classic. Thanks Brad!

WOW! Kudos to Kartunes for integrating a touchscreen beautifully into the Dead Center Fairing. And the paint? "Amazing" comes to mind. Thanks guys! You can find Kartunes contact info by selecting the "Dealers" tab at the top of this page.

It just looks RIGHT. Right? Thanks Chuck for these pics of your RK Classic. The Red Hot Sunglo looks beautiful!

A nice flaming blue RK from our dealer; Coshocton Collision Center. Nice work! You can find Coshocton Collision Center's contact info by selecting the "Dealers" tab at the top of this page.

Once again, Mike McCann retools his Roadking (Stunningly I might add) with Custom Performance, out of Phoenix AZ!

Some nice white and gold paint and a well balanced 2 5/8" gauge set on Steves RK!

Another beautiful RK. Pictures courtesy of Mr. Rendina!

Another happy customer, Gordy Garvey, sent us these pics of his immaculate Screamin Eagle RK. Thanks Gordy!

A nice RK dressed up by McCulloughs Custom Cycles out of Elkridge, MD. The gauges look great, and illustrate well what can be done with the space above the stereo. Thanks guys! (Check our "dealers" page for contact info)

This set illustrates what 16 inch Ape Hangers look like with the fairing. Notice that the fairing fits even though the handle bars are rotated just slightly forward of being in line with the forks.

David Hacker's stunning '08 Anniversary RK gets the full treatment in two tone with painted speaker grilles.

Wow. Thanks to Ron Kemberlin for putting together this incredible Road King.

Another beautifull RK. This set of pics sent to us from Michael McCann. Mike had it painted by one of our dealers, Custom Performance, in Phoenix, AZ. Great looking bike Mike! (Check our "Dealers" page for Custom Performance contact info.

Thanks to Mike from Goldendale AZ for this set of pictures of his recently upgraded "Sundowner" Roadking Classic!

From the beautiful state of Massachusetts, Mike D sent us some pics of his bad ass Black Cherry Road King. Thanks Mike. I like the Ipod mount. Nice touch!

Steve Cooper sent these pictures of his Black Pearl RK. Steve decided to order our "Stereo Ready" model and add his own electronics including extra speakers that he mounted above the stereo. Good work Steve!

Thanks to RAM from for the above photos showing an example of how the area above the stereo can be used for gauges. Ram and I have traded many emails, he is very active on HDForums and we appreciate the positive feedback he's given about us on that forum. At his suggestion we're planning an ad for that forum soon. Thanks RAM!

The above photos were submitted by Keith Hauswirth. Keith's bike was painted by Darrin Meyer of 2 Wheel Tattoos Custom Paint in Britt, Iowa (515-341-4141) whom Keith recommends to those in the area.

Thanks to Chuck Arnold for the above photos and the following message: got the fairing and had it painted to match the 2000 roadking classic, and as you can see it looks GREAT!!!!!! you folks really have a great product all around. couldn't be happier!! everything ya'll said about the faring and the radio is even better than I expected. thanks so much. and don't worry everyone will know where it came from and how happy I am with it. thanks again chuck arnold clayton ga.

Thanks to BK for this set showing off his black and blue Road King. Nice job!

Subtle flames on a Black Road King never looked better when coupled with our Dead Center Fairing and Smoothies Saddlebags.

Bill sent us this set of his Road King adorned with our Dead Center Fairing and a custom paint job. Thanks Bill!




A big "Thank you" to Rick for these On/Off shots of his beautiful 2003 Anniversary Heritage!

Thanks to Randy Kramer for these pictures of his immaculate yellow, flamed Heritage. Sporting the Dead Center Fairing with painted grilles. I especially like the shot in front of the Grand Teitons!




What a great looking bike. Certainly one of the cleanest Deluxes we have seen. Janet decided to go for an Ultra style paint job instead of our usual two tone. Brilliant move if you ask me! Thank you Janet.

Ben, from Winchester, CA, sent this set in of his Cobalt Blue Deluxe. Looking good!

Look out for Larry's "Rebel Hawk! A custom deluxe set up courtesy of Combs Custom Cycle in Lawrence Kansas. You can find Combs contact info by selecting the "Dealers" tab at the top of this page.

Thanks to Don for these pics of his Anniversary Deluxe. Looks great!

Here's a set showing an unpainted fairing dressing up a black Deluxe.

We love it when customers stop by the booth to show off their bikes at the rallies. Here's a beautiful red Deluxe that came by the booth at Arizona Bike Week.

Smoothies saddlebags AND our Dead Center Fairing. Now that's what I call Deluxe.




Nothing like a few shots in the park. I prefer Tequila (Bah, dump, pishh) but this head turning Fatboy will have to do. Thanks for the pics D.P.!

This is the bike that Mark built. That's right, Jack is way too busy building houses leaving space in the bike building arena up to those like Mark Vasquez of Chilz Wrench in Hollister, CA. Thanks for the pics of this unbelievable Softail Mark and Colleen! (Check our "Dealers" Page for contact info.)

Our customer Jim Flemming really dressed up this Fat Boy!

Thanks to Porya Jeddi for the above photos of his clean Softail.




Loving the digital gauge and switches added to this beautiful Roadstar. The custom touches really bring the fairing to the next level. Great work John!

With the Dead Center Fairing and vintage hotrod styling, Andre's done an impeccable job of making his Roadstar stand out from the pack. and what better to compliment a bad ass bike? A Couple of Rotweilers of course!

This Sick Star won 3rd in its class at the Arlen Ness show in California. A great example of a transformed Road Star.

A great example of what a two tone painted fairing can bring to the Roadstar.




One of our recent customers decided to drop his Vegas off for a facelift:) Thanks D. M.



As seen in Easyriders V-Twin magazine, this killer Victory boasts an array of custom parts hand picked by Big Joe, owner of Kewl Metal. Most notably, Kewl Metal's very own extended front end coupled with our Dead Center Fairing. (We think they make an excelent pair!). Based in Prescott, Arizona Kewl Metal has rapidly become the go-to source for the Victory aftermarket.




Just a sampling of customers from various rallies. The first (upper left) being a meticulously owned RK Trike, followed by a Deluxe sporting an unpainted fairing, and rounded out by a fleet of RK's. Thanks to all of those that allowed us to snap your picture before hittin' the road!

Here are a couple of examples, from Sturgis, of what an 100th Anniversary bike looks like with a fairing painted a solid color WITHOUT the Anniversary stripe. A closer look at the middle picture reveals HD accessories including wings and chrome windshield trim.

Combs swings by the booth in Sturgis with their radical Softail boasting a set of Smoothies Saddlebags. Whoa!